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(Updated) 2nd Term, AY 2021-2022 Scholarship Application for Renewal, Schedule, and Requirements

  18-DEC-21     Office for Student Affairs


User’s Guide of the UST-OSA Online Services for the

2nd Term, AY 2021-2022 Scholarship Application for Renewal,

Schedule and Requirements


URL of the Scholarship Application Portal:


The UST- OSA Online Services that includes the UST Scholarship Application page is the available online system for the submission and uploading of scholarship documents to the university.


Note:  Please ensure that all original documents are complete, scanned according to the required format, clear and readable, and kept well for future submission.

       On a new display window, type in the address bar the URL of the UST Office for Student Affairs (OSA) website.

       On the OSA website click the Online Services and choose in the pull down menu the OSA Services for Student and Staff to reach the Login Page.  In the Login box, enter your login credentials and click Login.

       After logging in successfully, the page will proceed to the UST-OSA Online Services Scholarship Application page:

1.      Apply New Scholarship.  This starts the process of submission.

2.      View Scholarship.  This is to view and track the status of your submitted application.  Click the eye symbol to know the status.

a.    For OSA Review.  This means that the submitted documents are due for review and evaluation.  While on this status, check remarks for any instructions for compliance, and uploading of additional requirements are still acceptable;

b.    Conditional Scholarship.  This means that the documents are complete and in order, but pending encoding/tagging of discount in the application system;

c.    Approved Scholarship.  This means that the submitted documents are complete and in order, and that the discount was encoded/tagged in the application system.  The discount will be reflected in the student portal after a number of working days;

d.    Disapproved Application.  If the submitted documents do not qualify for the scholarship applied for. 

Reminder:  Always check for any information or instructions in the Remarks Section.

3.      Downloadable Forms.  This contains the scholarship forms needed to be filled out and may be included for submission, according to the requirement of the scholarship program.

a.    Application Form for the Santo Tomas Scholarship;

b.    Application Form for Santo Domingo (DOMNET) Scholarship;

c.    Scholarship Encoding Form (SEF);

d.    Scholarship Agreement Forms (SAF). Choose the appropriate SAF according to the scholarship applied for.

       After accomplishing the application form (if applicable), SEF, and SAF, click the Apply New Scholarship to proceed to the Scholarship Program Selection page.

       In the Scholarship Program Selection page, choose the scholarship category that you wish to apply under the Santo Tomas; San Martin; Santo Domingo; or San Lorenzo (if available) scholarship program.

       After the scholarship program category was chosen, you will be directed to the Scholarship Application Terms and Conditions.  The Terms and Conditions of the scholarship are stated for guidance and compliance.  Please read and understand it well. 

After reading and if you agree with the said terms and conditions, click the box o with the statement “I Agree with the Above Terms and Conditions” and then click the Submit and Proceed button to go to the next step.

       In the Personal Information and Uploading Documents page, you will see the Personal Information phase which reflects the current term and academic year, scholarship you have chosen, your college, name, student number, and academic program.  Please fill-out the remaining blank fields with your contact information. 

Ensure that all required fields are filled out, and the details that you will provide are accurate and active.

       On the lower half of the page, contains the Uploading of Documents phase.  This step requires you to upload the documents for submission.  Please read well the Important Note.  This will guide you in the specific format (file size and type) in saving your scanned documents and the safekeeping of the original files.

All specified documents in the scholarship announcement and other additional scholarship forms related to the scholarship program application, must be completely uploaded for review and approval.

       After requirements are uploaded, click the box o that states I hereby certify that the above information given are true and correct as to the best of my knowledge, then click the Submit Application button to complete the process of the online submission.  You will then be directed to the Scholarship Status page.

       In the Scholarship Status page, the application details and the uploaded documents are stated.  The applicant may review the summary of the uploaded and submitted attachments. 

The Remarks of the reviewer is likewise reflected on this page for the guidance of the applicant, if a document is not appropriate and subject for change or deletion. 

The applicant is allowed to edit and delete a document or the entire application depending on the instruction in the Remarks section.  A prompt box will appear to confirm if the document or application will be deleted.  And a note will appear if the application was successfully deleted.

The application can be edited or deleted, if the scholarship has not been tagged as Conditional, Approved, or Disapproved.

The Approved status will be tagged if the application is complete and in order.  Likewise, if the scholarship discount was encoded in the system.

       If the scholarship was Approved before the scheduled enrollment, the student-scholar may proceed to his/her enrollment according to the schedule provided to him/her by the academic unit.

       If the scholarship was Approved after the student has enrolled, the student may verify the OSA-encoded discount via MyUSTe portal or send inquiry to the Accounting Department after 10 working days if the discount did not appear.

       For concerns and inquiries, you may:

1.       Visit the UST – Office for Student Affairs Facebook Page; or

2.       Send an email message to

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